On June 5th, 1972 the United Nations saw that the Earth was suffering and as a result, its people were too. Together they created the United Nations Environmental Programme and set out on a mission to change the world.

Two years later the world joined together to celebrate the first ever World Environment Day with the theme “Only One Earth.”

A Legacy of Positive Impacts

Above all, World Environment Day is the “people’s day” to do something positive for the environment and tackle environmental issues that directly affect their lives. The cause focuses on smaller, less-developed countries while addressing global issues, by giving different countries the opportunity to host the event and take its turn in leading the world toward a greener way of life.

In the more than four decades of this day of action, issues such as melting icecaps, contaminated drinking water, the green economy, wildlife preservation, conscientious consumption, human and environmental rights, biodiversity, marine life, poverty, chemical hazards and more have been put at the forefront of international attention.

This year the movement that will be hosted by India has made a pledge to tackle an issue close to our hearts-plastic pollution.

What Has World Environment Day Accomplished?

Having the world’s eyes turned to an issue and over 100 countries participating annually, it isn’t surprising that the holiday has lead to some landmark victories. These include:

  • China closing their domestic ivory trade
  • Angola curbing ivory trade
  • International pledges to prevent the increase in global temperature
  • Legislation to limit food waste
  • 50,000 trees planted in Rio de Janeiro
  • $85,000 raised for gorilla conservation and solar lighting for villages
  • Launching the Millennium Ecosystem assessment to map the health of the planet
  • Treaties on climate change, desertification, biodiversity and sustainable development
  • 136-day (and counting) beach cleanup in India, the largest beach cleanup in the world

How to Celebrate

  • Participate in an event– there are over 1,300 official events globally, join one and help make a difference!
  • Start or join a beach/park clean up
  • Get your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers involved! Talk to them about the movement and what it means.
  • Share stories, videos, photos, graphics and more about plastic pollution and use #WorldEnvironmentDay and #BeatPlasticPollution
  • Take action- make a pledge to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and REFILL!

Beating Plastic Pollution is what we are all about here, by having refill stations in retail stores to refill your soaps, detergents, shampoos and more-we can all keep an immense amount of plastic out of our ecosystem.

People around the world are showing that single-use plastic is not a necessity, and is an environment killing plague that they want no part of anymore. But retailers and big business are ignoring these movements because they don’t think consumers would use sustainable options.

Taking a stand for the environment has never been easier! Help us show big business that consumers are dedicated to the environment and celebrate this year’s World Environment Day by signing our petition to demand refill stations in stores and tell retailers #WeWantRefill!