Plastic production began about 60 years ago, but it made its way into the mainstream almost immediately. It wasn’t until recently that we realized just how damaging plastic is for our environment, and by that time 8.3 billion tons of it had already been introduced into the world.

According to a comprehensive study on plastic published by Science Advances, scientists from University of Georgia and University of California, Santa Barbara have found that only 9 percent of that was recycled, 12 percent was incinerated and a whopping 79 percent has accumulated in landfills and the natural environment. That’s a startling number.

The average American produces 185 pounds of plastic waste a year, but what if we told you that you could cut your number down to 0? It is easier than you think! There are so many ways to reduce plastic waste and help save the environment, kick start your sustainable lifestyle with some of our tips on how to use less plastic.

  1. Use reusable produce and shopping bags.
  2. Rethink your gum. Most gum doesn’t degrade. Switch to a more natural brand or cut it out entirely!
  3. Get plastic off your face-don’t buy body or face scrubs with plastic beads. They clog our oceans and plastic toxins have been found in our drinking water-yuck!
  4. Eat in more often or bring your own containers for leftovers. Take out containers are one of the biggest culprits for pollution.
  5. Bring a to go mug everywhere and use a refillable water bottle. Most shops give you a discount for using your own cup-bonus!
  6. Avoid buying frozen foods. Frozen foods are covered in non-recyclable plastic-the environment and your body will thank you!
  7. Stop using plastic straws. Instead bring your own reusable aluminum or glass straw.
  8. Use matches or a metal refillable lighter
  9. Only use reusable utensils.
  10. Shop at a farmer’s market
  11. Ditch K Cups for a reusable version or traditional coffee pot
  12. Bring your produce containers back for sellers at farmer’s markets to refill. OR better yet, put your produce in a reusable produce bag and leave the container for them to use again.
  13. Make your own juice instead of buying it in plastic bottles. It’s healthier and will save you money.
  14. Pack your own lunch in reusable containers. There are now so many great bento box and reusable container options.
  15. Use a razor with replaceable metal blades instead of a disposable.

These are all great ways to reduce plastic waste, but there is another idea out there.

What if you could eliminate plastic waste by refilling your household cleaners, soaps and shampoos at a convenient kiosk at your favorite store?

The technology already exists and it could make a huge impact on eliminating waste, but most big retailers don’t think that people care enough to want refill stations in stores.

Prove them wrong and tell big business that #WeWantRefill by signing the petition below!