With the pressure to reduce waste increasing, and more legislation banning or restricting single-use items, many people are feeling the need to take steps toward the zero-waste lifestyle. However, many of us don’t want to complicate our lives and often fall back onto the ease of packaged goods and single-use items.  Luckily, adversity is the mother of invention and these businesses are making going green so easy, you’ll never want to go back!

Loop Store

From groceries to cleaning supplies and other home goods, Loop offers some of your favorite brands in a refillable, milk-man style model. The premise is simple, you place your order, then Loop sends your products in refillable containers, packaged in a reusable shipping box. When you’re finished, simply put them back in the box, and ship them back to be refilled! The only downside is that this store hasn’t launched yet, but you can sign up to notified on their website.


If you have a product, chances are TerraCycle has figured out a way to recycle it. Thanks for this ingenious company, millions of pounds of waste are diverted from landfills or incinerators each month! TerraCycle has partnered with companies like Crayola to recycle old markers and turn them into fuel and offers collection boxes for your home or office to collect what most municipalities dub “non-recyclable” and give them new life.

Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop isn’t exactly “package free” but all the items sold are either 100% recyclable or compostable. The store sells everything from biodegradable floss, to waste free new parent necessities.

Recycle Coach App

Do you ever ask yourself if something can be recycled? Or where you can drop off certain types of waste? With the recycle coach app, now you can ask the experts! The app allows you to type in your city and you can check what items can be recycled as well as special events such as electronic drop off dates. This allows you to stop the cycle of aspirational recycling and recycle properly.

Paper Culture

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, thank you note and beyond-Paper Culture strives to provide you with quality Earth-friendly cards. Paper Culture uses 100% post-consumer recycled materials to create their sustainable cards and invitations and plants a tree for every purchase made!

All these businesses are devoted to making your transition into going green or even taking the plunge into going zero waste easier, but there is a more seamless option.

What if you could continue using your favorite products at your favorite stores and still be helping the environment by reducing waste?

By refilling bottles at refill stores you can skip the steps of starting new delivery programs and save money, but retailers don’t believe this is something people want.

Help us prove them wrong! Sign the petition and say #WeWantRefill today!