Microplastics have been a pervasive hot topic for years; they have been found in the fish we eat, the salt we use and the water we drink-but their presence in the human body has never been confirmed…until recently.

Researchers in Austria conducted the first study ever done on how far into the food chain microplastics have traveled, and it appears as though these tiny plastic particles may be a widespread contaminate in human bodies.

The Study

Researchers chose eight random participants from Europe, Japan and Russia to test their stools to see if humans have been ingesting traceable amounts of plastics, to their surprise all the individuals had on average 20 particles and nine out of the ten plastics looked for in their samples.

Though more extensive studies need to be done, researchers have estimated that more than 50% of the human populace has been ingesting and excreting microplastics.

What This Means for Our Health

The extent of how this impacts our health still needs to be explored, however scientists know that microplastics can enter the bloodstream, the lymphatic system and possibly the liver.

The chemicals in these plastics have been found to cause hormone imbalances, fertility issues, cardiovascular problems, mental health issues and cancer.

What can you do?

Of course, none of us want to be ingesting plastic, but with its pervasiveness in our culture it is almost unavoidable. Here are some ways to avoid or reduce your exposure to microplastics.

  • Don’t buy meat wrapped in plastic wrap
  • Avoid drinks in plastic bottles
  • Use a reusable straw
  • Try glass jars for food storage
  • Utilize the bulk bins in stores

While these are a few ways to avoid food that may be contaminated through touching plastic, the fish we eat and sea salt we use is still contaminated because of the plastics we use every day breaking down in the ocean. The best way to help solve this issue is to cut plastic out of your life, not just in your food but in your products as well!

By refilling bottles of detergent, soap, shampoo and more you could keep hundreds of plastic bottles out of the ocean and keep them from breaking down and being ingested by the sea life and sea salt we consume.

Big business doesn’t seem to think you care about eating plastic and they want to continue selling plastic bottles that are hurting us and our planet. Help us prove them wrong by signing the petition today!