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Join the over

people who have signed our petition!

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You're probably wondering why you haven't seen a refill station at your local grocery store. Retailers are hesitant to install refill stations for several reasons. For starters, big retailers aren't crazy about change, and second, they have no idea how much consumers want this technology.

When it comes to change, consumers have to take charge. It's time for you to get involved and tell your local retailer #WeWantRefill.

The #WeWantRefill movement is gaining momentum, but more must be done. To show retailers how serious you are about using refill technology, please take a minute to sign this petition to send a clear message to retailers that it's time to refill, not waste.




We will never share or sell your information. This petition will be sent to popular retailers and manufacturers to show them that we do care about the planet and want change! Occasional updates will be emailed to update you on the progress of the campaign.

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Share your thoughts about refilling household products and let consumer brands and retailers that you want the choice to keep plastic out of landfills!