It’s that time of year again and the ghosts and ghouls are ready for a hauntingly good time, but there is one spooky character that isn’t invited to this party – plastic! While going totally zero-waste can be difficult for this particular holiday, there are a lot of ways that you can still be eco-friendly and reduce waste!

From decorations to treats, we’ve compiled this list of the top tips for a spooktastic eco-friendly Halloween!

Tricks for Treats

Plastic-free candies

Buy treats in paper packaging such as Milk Duds, Junior Mints or Pixi Stix. Or, if your local store has bulk bins, check to see if they have foil or paper wrapped candies. These are often cheaper than buying a bag and foil (when rolled into a ball about the size of your fist) is recyclable!

Make your own

If you know who you will be giving treats to (i.e. trunk or treat, Halloween party, etc.) make your own treats from scratch to pass out, you can get ingredients from the bulk bin to be 100% zero waste!

Items instead of treats

Who needs to perpetuate the sugar rush? Hand out fall-themed pencils or pumpkin erasers instead of treats for a practical and cute treat replacement! Feeling crafty? Try making these homemade seed balls with seeds to flowers native to your state!

Crafty Costumes

Use what you have

Many of us have a lot of basics at home that can be turned into creative and fun Halloween costumes. Need some inspiration for costumes from things in your closet? Check out these great ideas!

Thrift store

Thrift stores are full of people’s donated costumes from years past, but they are also full of random clothing items that can be turned into some great DIY Halloween costumes like those found in the link above!

Host a costume swap party

Who doesn’t love a party, especially when it is zero waste! Invite your friends and family over and ask them to bring costumes that they are wanting to get rid of and swap costumes like you would swap candy! This idea is great for adults and kids!

Haunted Home Decorations

Use nature

Nature is the best decorator! Fall gives us colorful leaves, gourds and pumpkins that you can use to decorate your home then throw into the compost after the holiday or turn into pumpkin soup!

Buy second-hand decorations

As with costumes, thrift stores are our friends when we are trying to reduce waste, there are plenty of beautiful and spooky items at second-hand stores that will make your home look spooktacular!


While Halloween is full of frights, plastic pollution is simply too scary to be included in your holiday. Try these hacks this year to have an eco-friendly Halloween with all the fun and none of the waste!

Want to make a bigger impact this fall? Sign our petition to add your voice to the thousands of people demanding sustainable refill stations in stores! So you can refill your pumpkin-scented soap waste-free!