On April 22, 1970 millions of individuals joined together to protest the growing pollution that was destroying the natural environment and impacting human health. They championed for positive environmental legislation and together created a movement that has lasted almost half a century. This month, we will rally together again against a different kind of pollution…plastic.

What is Earth Day

According to the Earth Day Network, the organization that leads the holiday worldwide, Earth Day has become a global annual event with more than 1 billion people and 193 countries participating, making it the largest civic-focused day of action in existence.

Earth Day celebrates and encourages political action and civic participation to rally for sustainability and environmental protection. Civilians use the day to plant trees, clean up beaches, sign petitions and march in protests. While governments, corporate entities and businesses use it to make pledges, enact new policies and announce new legislation.

Each year the movement chooses an environmental issue to tackle, which has inspired countless victories for sustainability, species preservation and global health. These victories include:

Just to name a few.

The End Plastic Pollution Movement

This year, the Earth Day Network announced that its 2018 event “will focus on mobilizing the world to End Plastic Pollution, including creating support for a global effort to eliminate single-use plastics along with global regulation for the disposal of plastics.”

They plan on achieving this mission by educating the public and officials about the health risks associated with plastic packaging, as well as the damage that has been caused to marine life, oceans, drinking water and food chain.

How to Participate

Here are some tips on how to celebrate Earth Day not only on April 22nd but all year long.

  • Plant a tree or donate one
  • Join a local cleanup project
  • Start making your own household and personal care items
  • Stop using disposable utensils, bags and straws
  • Buy organic/locally sourced produce
  • Go meatless one day a week
  • Read documents online instead of printing them
  • Compost
  • Donate/volunteer at a local environmental group
  • Encourage local schools/governments to eliminate single-use utensils from the county
  • Turn off lights/unplug electronics when you leave the house
  • Make sure your car tires are properly inflated
  • Walk or ride your bike when you can instead of driving
  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Take shorter showers or shower with a friend
  • Refill what you can!

We Want Refill is proud to be contributing to this year’s movement to end plastic pollution by continuing our push to get refill stations in retail stores-removing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Join in on 48 years of environmental activism today, sign the petition below and have your voice be heard in this year’s movement to end plastic pollution.

For more information about Earth Day and how to participate, visit www.earthday.org