Imagine throwing all of your trash into one bin and leaving the heavy lifting for sorting to a robot. Bin-e, a Polish startup, has made its mission just that: to change the face of recycling by using technology. By using artificial intelligence, data processing and object recognition, they’ve developed a “Smart Bin” that can sort automatically sort garbage – including recyclables!

The machine, which mainly targets office and commercial users, reduces the time and cost of recycling. With so much consumer confusion surrounding what can and can’t be recycled, this machine makes easy work of a task that most find unappealing and difficult. By recognizing, categorizing and sorting trash, consumers will be able to toss it and forget it until it’s time for the trashman to collect.

What a great idea! You know what else is a great idea? Refillable bottles for products you continually buy. By using refillable containers for products like shampoo and lotions, we could stop the waste of millions of plastic containers a year.

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