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Study: If You Drink Tap Water, You’re Also Drinking Plastic Fibers

A new study revealed some disturbing results about the water coming from your tap. After testing water samples…

Would You Wear a Garbage Suit? This Guy Did

How much waste do you generate each day? The average American creates about 4.5 pounds of garbage each day. Most people don’t think twice about tossing…

Floating Plastic is Now a Toxic Buffet for Fish

The ocean is teeming with exotic fish, large mammals, microscopic plankton – and plastic. Lots and lots of plastic. Researchers estimate some 5.25 trillion pieces…

Recycling is Not a Cure All

Study Shows Recycling or Incinerating Plastic Isn’t a Cure-All for the Environment Plastic is everywhere. Your smartphone, car, takeout containers, bottled water and cosmetic containers – all contain plastic. It…

Yes, we produce this much garbage

22-Year-Old Set to Launch Floating Trash Collectors in the Ocean

When a 16-year-old Dutch teenager went diving off the coast of Greece, he…

Is That a Bathtub in Your Recycling Bin?

It’s not uncommon to get a little confused about recycling rules. You can recycle cardboard boxes, but not pizza boxes. You can recycle glass jars, but they must be washed…

Will California Lawmakers Help Stop the Collapse of the Recycling System?

California’s recycling program….

‘Trash Islands’ Growing Larger With No Easy Solution

By 2050, there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish, according to CNN. There’s so much garbage floating around the world that ‘trash islands’ are becoming…

A 50ft Beached Whale Shows Consumers the Harmful Effects of Plastic Waste

There are a ton of articles, literature, and scientific studies that show how damaging plastic waste is to marine life…

Big Brands Create $100 Million Fund to Improve Recycling in U.S.

Can a $100 Million Fund Revamp America’s Failing Recycling System? Some of America’s biggest brands have come together to help improve the nation’s poor recycling efforts. Americans recycle just 34…

How Americans Stack up in the Global Recycling Game

How Americans Stack up in the Global Recycling Game (Spoiler Alert: We’re Losing) The nation’s curbs may be lined with blue bins, but that’s not enough to win America a…

Warning: Don’t Refill a Disposable Water Bottle

How much water do you drink in a day? Whether you just completed a workout, spent some time at the beach or just need something to quench your thirst, you…

Video: We Hit the Streets to Find Out How Much People Really Know About Recycling

We went to the streets to see how much people really know about recycling.

Recycling is a Losing Industry: So What’s Next?

In its hay day, recycling was a profitable business. Employers, cities, and haulers were all making money. Today, it’s a losing battle. One national news outlet calls recycling a, “money…


It's time to tell retailers and manufacturers that we want new technologies to replace plastic waste.

The government hasn't taken the steps necessary to ban plastic waste so it's up to us - the consumer - to petition retailers and manufactures for change.

The technologies exist to create refill stations at your local retail store so why you haven't seen them? Retailers and manufacturers are hesitant to install refill stations because it's a huge industry shift and, most importantly, they have no idea that consumers want it.

When it comes to change, consumers have to take charge. It's time for you to get involved and tell retailers and manufactueres that #WeWantRefill.

The #WeWantRefill movement is gaining momentum, but more must be done. To show retailers how serious you are about using refill technology, please take a minute to sign this petition to send a clear message to retailers that it's time to refill, not waste.



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