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Recycling not the answer

4 Recycling Lies that Prove It’s Not A Viable Solution to Pollution

How much do you recycle? Like most people, you probably make an effort to toss plastic bottles, newspapers, and glass containers into a recycle bin. Why do you do it?…

refill station

Refill Technology is Going Mainstream

The amount of plastic waste circulating the world is staggering. An estimated 79% of all plastic – from product packaging to shopping bags – covers landfills, washes into the ocean,…

Ways to reduce holiday waste

5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Waste

During the holidays, garbage tends to pile up. Between leftover food from a family feast to the plastic packaging that seems to enclose every toy, Americans throw out an extra…

discarded mask in ocean

Millions of Discarded Face Masks have Created a New Plastic Pollution Problem

As the pandemic continues its spread across the globe, citizens in every corner of the planet are relying on masks as a safety precaution. While the CDC recommends their use,…

PETase - Credit: Martin Künsting/HZB

New ‘Cocktail’ of Enzymes Can Digest Plastic, Potentially Enabling Endless Reuse

(Photo Credit: Martin Künsting/HZB) The global environmental crisis created by our dependence on plastic isn’t going away anytime soon. However, a new super-enzyme could help reduce its damaging effects on…

COVID-19 is increasing the worlds ocean pollution

COVID-19 is Increasing the World’s Ocean Pollution

Before COVID-19, there was a staggering amount of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Eight metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year, which is equivalent to a garbage…

Before and After images of air quality during covid 19

Dramatic Before and After Images Highlight the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Quality

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the health of millions around the world, one of the unseen effects is the impact the virus has had on air…

How is COVID-19 impacting recycling in the U.S.

How COVID-19 is impacting the recycling industry in the U.S.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause massive disruption to Americans’ everyday lives, one little-talked-about area of impact is that of recycling. The already struggling recycling industry has faced a…

7 Ways to have a Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is a personal challenge that’s part of a global effort to reduce our dependence on plastic! In July, choose to reduce your reliance on one single use…

3 Groundbreaking Products That Can Help Save Our Planet

3 Groundbreaking Products That Can Help Save Our Planet

Every day, innovative companies across the world are working hard, investing in new products and technologies to help save our planet. From airborne and water pollution to plastic and consumer…

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

Celebrating Earth Day this year is a bit different as many of us are under protective Stay-at-Home orders. However, we’ve found so many wonderful activities for you to try at…

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipes

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, more people are beginning to take personal hygiene seriously. We all want to do our part to keep our community safe, but we don’t have to sacrifice our low waste lifestyle to do it! Staying clean and healthy is not synonymous with single-use!

Research Shows Explosion of Plastic Pollution In The Ocean Since WWII

The dramatic increase in plastic pollution is undeniable. There are entire islands in the ocean now known as Trash Islands, as massive amounts of plastic wash up on shore daily.…

Study: It’s Raining Plastic in The Rocky Mountains

One of America’s national treasures is contaminated, thanks to plastic rain. While that might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, it’s legitimately raining pieces of plastic in the Colorado Rockies.

Contact Lenses Contribute to Mounting Plastic Pollution

Millions of Americans wear contact lenses, but research suggests many people aren’t disposing of them properly. A recent study shows at least 21% of contact wearers flush contacts down the…


It's time to tell retailers and manufacturers that we want new technologies to replace plastic waste.

The government hasn't taken the steps necessary to ban plastic waste so it's up to us - the consumer - to petition retailers and manufactures for change.

The technologies exist to create refill stations at your local retail store so why you haven't seen them? Retailers and manufacturers are hesitant to install refill stations because it's a huge industry shift and, most importantly, they have no idea that consumers want it.

When it comes to change, consumers have to take charge. It's time for you to get involved and tell retailers and manufactueres that #WeWantRefill.

The #WeWantRefill movement is gaining momentum, but more must be done. To show retailers how serious you are about using refill technology, please take a minute to sign this petition to send a clear message to retailers that it's time to refill, not waste.



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