We always say that children are the future, but it is up to us as parents to teach them how to be the change they want to see in the world. Kids today are growing up in a world that is shifting its mindset about plastic and are often more receptive to the plastic free lifestyle than their adult counterparts.

Think its too time consuming and difficult to go plastic free at home? Think again! Here are some simple tips to reducing plastic in the home.


The easiest place to start cutting plastic is straws. If you need to use them in the home for little ones or children with other needs, try reusable straws! Every time you go out to eat, refuse the plastic straw and bring your own or drink straight from the cup! For a family of four that eats out once a week, you could be using 208 fewer straws a year!


Ditch bottled water and other drinks/juice boxes and opt for refillable water bottles instead. Use a water filter or a refillable five-gallon jug if you prefer not to drink from the tap. It’s an easy way to ditch plastic and keep your family away from sugary drinks!

Plastic Free Lunches

One of the hardest single-use products for parents to get rid of is Ziploc bags. They are convenient and easy to store but one family can go through hundreds in a year. And these, much like other bags, often suffocate sea creatures. Luckily, there are many brands that sell reusable Ziploc alternatives, they can help your family ditch plastic and end up saving money over time. You can also choose a Bento box to pack items in one box with individual compartments to keep food separated without using disposable plastic bags.

Another polluting culprit hidden in the lunch box is individual snack packs/bags. They’re not recyclable, and really add up! Consider buying a family sized bag instead and filling up your new reusable zipper bags or using bulk bins in stores for your family’s snacks!

Eating Out

Whenever you eat at a restaurant or order take out, ask the server to exclude plastic utensils. Instead, bring your own or use the silverwear at home! If you really want to step up your zero-waste game, bring your own reusable Tupperware to put leftovers in instead of asking for a box!

Make it a Game

Challenge another family to a plastic reduction monthly challenge. Start by weighing how much plastic each family uses in a regular month, then continue to weigh your plastic at the end of each month to see who has the greatest reduction. It’s a way to get your kids (and yourself) excited and more driven to cut unnecessary plastic out.

Make Your Own Products

This doesn’t have to be as complicated and time consuming as it sounds! Check out our easy to make recipes for DIY make-up, household cleaners and personal care items!

Refill What You Can

We already refill water bottles, jars at bulk stores, oils and more. Why not start refilling your soaps and detergents as well? You’re busy and making your own personal care items may sound daunting, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just refill your shampoo where you’d usually buy a single use plastic bottle?

The technology exists that could make your plastic reduction so much easier! However, big business doesn’t think it’s what people want. Help us prove them wrong by signing the petition below today!

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