refill station

Would you be willing to refill your beauty products? The average person has eight beauty products in their bathroom and each one is in its own plastic bottle, according to Unilever. Imagine if every consumer started refilling their beauty products instead of buying more bottles. The result could drastically reduce the amount of plastic consumed and discarded. 

The Body Shop is making a change to do just that. The major retailer plans to introduce refill stations in 400 stores worldwide in 2022 with plans to upgrade every store in the next five years. 

A tested and effective initiative

The Body Shop added refill stations to two of its stores in 2019; one in London and one in Vancouver. Experts weren’t sure how the test run would go. Would consumers refill their products or would the concept turn consumers off? 

The test was a resounding success. Consumers found the refill stations easy and convenient and applauded the company for taking action to protect the environment. 

How the refill stations work

Inside The Body Shop stores, a sleek refill station is on the wall. Consumers buy a 300ml aluminum bottle for a few dollars and fill the bottle with their favorite shampoo, condition, hand soap, or body wash. Right now, consumers can choose from 12 different products to refill. 

The Body Shop staff are on hand to help consumers if needed. They’ll also provide a label that offers the product name, expiration date, and lot number. 

Once the bottle is empty, consumers simply rinse it and bring it back to the store for a refill. 

Refill goes mainstream, but some are still hesitant

The Body Shop isn’t the only company tapping into the growing concern over plastic pollution. Several other companies are introducing refill technology to be more environmentally friendly.

A small cleaning company in the UK delivers refillable cleaning products to a consumer’s door. Sedal, a brand of Mexican shampoo, has set up refill stations in local Walmarts, and a company recently created a website to help people find refillable product solutions. 

Individual companies are making a change, but for real change to occur, the idea must be adopted on a larger scale. 

There are refill solutions that exist. A refill station could be placed inside a retail store and give consumers the chance to refill any number of products. From detergent and cleaning products to toothpaste and hand soap, consumers would buy an aluminum bottle once and refill it when a product runs out. 

It’s as easy as getting candy from a vending machine – and it could have a tremendous impact on the planet

So, why doesn’t your retailer have a refill station yet? Retailers don’t think consumers will use it. Despite refill solutions becoming mainstream, retailers are still hesitant. They need to hear from consumers like you. If you’re ready to refill your products, sign the petition below so retailers get the message: Consumers want refill technology.