Plastic free July is a personal challenge that’s part of a global effort to reduce our dependence on plastic! In July, choose to reduce your reliance on one single use plastic product and see how easy it is if we all take one step toward a more sustainable future!

We’ve laid out 7 great ways you can choose to reduce your reliance on plastic this month. You can see how fun and simple it can be to do something great to protect the environment by reducing your use of plastics.

  • Bring a reusable coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop. Instead of getting your morning pick-me-up in a single-use takeaway cup, bring your own reusable cup! Keep a clean cup in your car, your bag or desk at work for easy access!
  • Bring your own straw. Some states have already banned plastic straws, but even if your state hasn’t, be proactive in helping save the environment by refusing straws at your favorite café or restaurant.
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables. While buying plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables can be convenient, it creates a lot of plastic waste. Purchasing loose fruit and vegetables will help reduce the pressure on recycling systems, and reduce unnecessary waste and saves precious resources.
  • Request paper instead of plastic. Many grocery stores will ask if you want paper or plastic bags. If you haven’t brought your own bags, request paper bags, as they are recyclable. Toss them in your blue recycling bin when you’re done!
  • Bring reusable water bottles. Plastic water bottles are one of the largest causes of single-use plastic waste in the U.S. Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own refillable containers. Go a step further by choosing environmentally-friendly alternative containers made from stainless steel, glass, or safe aluminum.
  • Bulk food purchasing. An easy way to avoid plastic use is buying in bulk. Bring your own jars and bags to stock up on bulk products like cereal, flour, snacks and more at your favorite store.
  • Use safety razors. More people are making the switch from disposable razors to stainless steel safety razors. Many companies also now offer some great alternatives to avoid single-use plastic entirely, like offering blade refills in cardboard boxes.

For more information on the Plastic Free July movement, visit.

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