3 Groundbreaking Products That Can Help Save Our Planet

Every day, innovative companies across the world are working hard, investing in new products and technologies to help save our planet. From airborne and water pollution to plastic and consumer waste, humanity’s current trajectory is clearly unsustainable. We are in desperate need of creative solutions to tackle these seemingly insurmountable problems in ways that reduce our dependence on unsustainable products. Check out 3 recent, groundbreaking technologies and products developed to help us save mother earth.

1. A new Plant-Based Plastic that degrades in one year

Plastic containers take thousands of years to biodegrade if they ever will. However, Dutch company Avantium has developed a plant-based plastic made from corn, wheat and beet sugars that will degrade in one year. The company says that “These new plant-based plastic bottles would completely decompose in a composter in just one year. If left outside in normal conditions, the plastic would take a few years to decompose. These timetables are negligible compared to the amount of time it takes plastic to decompose.” This plastic alternative is attractive to large companies like Coca-Cola who are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Another great benefit is that these plant-based bottles don’t require fossil fuels to produce!

Beyond Beef Meat Products2. Beyond Meat – a line of meat products made from vegetables

Beyond Meat, a company supported by Bill Gates, has created a line of meat products that are entirely plant-based! Made mostly from vegetable protein found in peas, the company produces their signature ready-to-cook Beyond Beef Burgers, breakfast sausage, brats, Italian sausage and, of course, ground beef so you can make your favorite tacos and burgers. Their products are sustainable and delicious – and a perfect addition to your next BBQ.

3. An ink that’s made of algae

Why settle for inks made from possible carcinogens like petroleum and oil when we can use safe, biodegradable algae? That’s the solution one innovative Colorado-based startup, Living Ink, created with their innovative new ink product. The company develops renewable bio-based, carbon-negative pigment algae grown on farms, and then extracts a blue molecule used in the natural food colorant industry. Living Ink then processes, refines, and turns the algae black in a process that creates a product that is potentially safer to use and better for the environment.

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